Working with Designers

LESSON 7: Working with Designers


LESSON OBJECTIVE: Students will demonstrate their understanding of a director’s role when working with designers by creating their own simple design for another student’s fairytale production.


MATERIALS NEEDED: Computer and projector access, appropriate connection cables.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride trailer link:


Set design idea (from




HOOK: Show the trailer for Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Invite the students to look for examples of design.


Step 1

TRANSITION: Ask the students questions such as: What did you notice about the design in the trailer? What can you tell me about the world of the production based on this information? What message do you think Tim Burton wants the audience to learn? (Review from lesson 2) Ask the students questions such as: What aspects of a show could a concept affect? How could it affect them?


Step 2

MODEL: Show the students a photo of a set design for a production that could be incorporating a concept.


Step 3

DISCUSSION: Ask the students questions such as: What things do you notice about the set? What message do you think the designer is trying to convey?


Step 4

GROUP PRACTICE: In groups of two or three, have students discuss ideas to answer the following question: How might this set design change if the director’s concept were “Love lets light in”?


Step 5

CHECKING FOR UNDERSTANDING: Invite the students to share their “Love lets light in” design ideas with the class.


Step 5

TRANSITION: What can the director do to best help the designers create the world of the production and incorporate the concept? Answers may include letting the designers be creative rather than telling them what to do, while still emphasizing the concept. Help the designers to understand the concept and develop ideas of how their designs can more fully incorporate the concept.


Step 5

ASSESSMENT: Have students get with a partner. Students will choose an element of design and create a simple design for their partner’s fairytale production. Students will work with their partner as he or she creates a design for their own fairytale scene, ensuring that they clearly understand the concept and vision for the production.


Step 6

INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE: Any remaining time in class will be spent rehearsing fairytale scenes.