Final Performance

Lesson 8 :

Final Performance



Students will demonstrate controlled subtle and exaggerated movement by participating in a final Bunraku performance.



Bunraku Performance Rubric  Bunraku Puppetry Final Rubric


Warm Up

  1. Give students 5 minutes for warm up.
  2. To warm up your body try …
  3. Back to Back Breathing
  4. Flocking
  5. Brain Dance

3.Take 10-15 minutes to rehearse your scene and be ready to perform.

  1. check your sight lines
  2. check your pacing


Activity: Performances

  1. Have each puppet team hand in a performance rubric with their team members names on it.
  2. Allow each group to perform.
  3. After each performance ask the students who performed to verbally give reflection on their experience performing today. Ask them to consider and share what they would work on next in they had more time to rehearse.



Explain to students that they have now examined movement and next class we will move onto examining the voice in performance.