Running a Light Board

LESSON 8: Running a Light Board



Students will demonstrate their understanding of running a light board by running the light board for the same 5-minute scene.

Lesson 8.Assessment Rubrics


Materials Needed:

Lists of what order students will be running scenes (one for each student), grading rubric.


Anticipatory Set/Hook: Have music playing in the background, and have the actors warming up for the scenes, while the students come in and take their seats.


Step 1: Students will hand in their 2-4 page double spaced reports. Hand out to students the list of what order they will be running the scene.


Step 2: Performances—Each student will run lights for the scene. You will sit in the booth so you can observe each student as they run lights for the scene, and you will fill out a grading rubric for each of them. (Before each student runs lights for the scene, they will go over the light board with you and identify all of its controls and their individual functions.)


Assessment: Students can be assessed according to how well they run the light board during the scene and by their final 2-4-page reports.