Applying Brecht Theory & Pitch Presentations

Lesson 4: Applying Brecht Theory & Pitch Presentations


State Standards:

Standard 3 DESIGNING/IMPLEMENTING Objective A: VISUALIZATION Envision design ideas for dramatic presentations.

Standard 4 CONSTRUCTING MEANING Objective A: RESEARCHING Apply internal and external research to a dramatic presentation.


National Standards:

TH: Re8.1.III c. Support and explain aesthetics, preferences, and beliefs to create a context for critical research that informs artistic decisions in a drama/theatre work.

TH:Cn11.1.III a. Develop a drama/theatre work that identifies and questions cultural, global, and historic belief systems.

TH: Pr4.1.III a. Apply reliable research of directors’ styles to form unique choices for a directorial concept in a drama/theatre work.


Objective: Students will demonstrate an understanding of Brechtian theatre techniques in performance by preparing a pitch presentation for a play in the Brechtian style.


Materials needed: AV hookup for video,

downloaded video: “why is Brecht still relevant today”



Hook: One more video. The “why is Brecht relevant today” video. Discuss- Do agree that Brecht is still relevant? Why or why not?


Step 1: Make sure everyone knows what is expected for the pitch presentation. Re-explain instructions from last time.


Step 2: Get students into their pairs, give them time to work on their pitch presentations. Have the students sign up for an order to present in. Give them notice of how much time they have left.


Step 3: Presentation time. Remind the class that they are now in role as the board of producers. Give every partnership 2 minutes to present, and then 1 minute for questions from the class. If students are missing some information or not incorporating Brechtian information very well, make sure to pose some questions to them during the question time about how their concept incorporates Brechtian techniques.


Step 4: Together as a class, discuss the presentations. Have the class vote on which production they would like to fund as a class to produce.