Characters and Design Ideas in a Script

Analysis Lesson 2: Characters and Design Ideas in a Script


Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of character analysis by creating a character map and discussing character with a partner. Students will also be able to demonstrate understanding of script analysis by creating a design for a production as a group.


Materials Needed: White board and markers, PPT, Where the Cross is Made scripts

Call of the Revolution.Script

Script Analysis PPT


Review: (2-5 mins)

            Who can remind me what we learned about Call of the Revolution last class period?

            Recap script and given circumstances.


Conflict Instruction: (5-10 mins)

What is the structure of this play?

Does this pyramid look familiar? What can you tell me about this pyramid?

Does the Call of the Revolution seem to follow this structure or a different one?

Define Protagonist, opposing forces, climax, MDQ, and Inciting Incident. Ask students to partner and identify each of these for Call of the Revolution.

What are the internal conflicts for these characters? What are the external conflicts in the plot?


Character Instruction: (3-5 mins)

Who are the characters in this play?

What other characters exist in their world? What do we know about them?

How can you apply what you’ve learned in character work from your monologue unit or other acting experience to give these characters depth?

What kinds of things should we know about these characters?

How can we learn them?


Individual Practice: (10-12 minutes)

On your own, imagine that you are going to play one of these characters, Man or Woman. What would you do to help you prepare to play them? Can you use your guideposts? What do you need to know about them? Read through the script again on your own to find clues about your specific character.


Partner Practice: (3-5 minutes)

Share your findings with a new partner.


Group Discussion: (3-5 min)

What did you learn? What character insights did you find about Man and Woman? Did you learn things about their relationship?


Group Practice: (3-5 mins)

Explain character map. Show PPT example. Have students volunteer to build a character map on the board for this play.

What other characters exist in their world?

How are they connected?

Discuss as students write relationships on the board.

Do we agree that this is how everyone is connected?


Instruction: (5 mins)

Finally, define and identify Idea and Interconnectedness. What are the messages of this play? How can you relate it yourself and other works of art you’ve seen?


Group Practice: (10-15 mins)

In groups of three, determine how would you put this short play on stage. What kinds of set, props, lights, seating, etc. would you use to tell this story? How would you show the given circumstances, character relationships, messages, etc. to your audience?


As a group, write down the answers to these questions and turn them in as an exit slip.



Pass out Where the Cross is Made scripts. Read these before next class period.