“Where the Cross is Made” Script Analysis

Analysis Lesson 3: “Where the Cross is Made” Script Analysis


Objective: Students will demonstrate understanding of script analysis by analyzing a script in pairs and developing designs on their own.


Materials needed: Where the Cross is Made worksheets (group questions, individual analysis), Assessment Project Options hand outs

Lesson 3.Cross.Individual Analysis

Lesson 3.Script Analysis Assessment Options

Lesson 3.Cross.Group Questions


Hook: (2 mins)

Have everyone sit in a circle.  Have each student share their overall first impression of the script they read as homework in one phrase.


Read Script: (30 mins)

Assign parts for a read-through of Where the Cross is Made. Everyone should have read this before now, and this time you can look through the script for important details you may have missed reading it on your own. As we go along, underline anything that tells you about given circumstances, character relationships, or messages/themes. Read through script out loud together as a class.


Discuss: (5-10 mins)

What did you notice this time that you didn’t pick up the first time you read the script?

Which given circumstances seem to be the most important?

What kinds of messages and representations did you see?


Group Work: (10 mins)

In a group of 2-3students, fill out worksheet of given circumstances and character relationship. As you finish, talk with another group about what you found.


Individual Work:

On your own, answer questions about themes and representations.


Introduce Assessments:

You are an advanced class, so you get options for what you are going to do for your assessment. Go through the assessment project options with students.


You will have 40 minutes to work in class next time, so make sure you come with an outline, prepared to work and present at the end of class.


If there is time left, start working on assessments.