Script Analysis Presentations

Analysis Lesson 4: Script Analysis Presentations


Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of script analysis by presenting one of three possible assessment projects.


Materials Needed: computer lab or chrome books, projector for presentations



Have students stand together dependent on which project option they chose.  Then have them connect with a member from another project option group and share their presentation idea briefly.  Have their partner give them some impressions/feedback on their idea.


Requirements Review: (5 minutes)

Review/outline what they need to have for their presentations  at the end of class: verbal and written presentation. Everything is outlined on the hand out.


Work Time: (40 minutes)

Guide students as they work, and regularly check in to make sure they are working



Present project assessments in class.


Post-mortem of assignments/Application:

How does script analysis apply to your acting?

How will it help you as a director?

How will it help you as a designer?

How does script analysis connect with a dramaturg?