Creating Vocal Character in Puppetry Unit, Lesson 4

Lesson 4


TH:Cr.1.1.5.b. Propose design ideas that support the story and given circumstances in a drama/theatre work.
Standard 7–8.T.CR.1:
Develop imagination to create artistic ideas and work.


Enduring Understanding:

My design should be based on how my character is written in my script.


Essential Question:

How can design help to support the story?


Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their ability to create a character as they develop a puppet and justify their creative choices based on their created character traits.



Students will bring the bodies of their puppets (have some extra popsicle sticks just in case).

Puppet decorations

Set up tables with stations for glue guns and other work spaces.


Hook/Teaching Presentation (5 minutes)

● As the class comes in, take roll and show this video of a puppet and his performer.

● Discuss

○  What did you notice about the puppet or the puppeteer?

○  How did he use his puppet to help tell the story?


Teaching Presentation (5 minutes)

●  We need to connect with the face of the puppet

○  Required to have a face and a mouth

○  Rules about glue guns in the classroom

●  Hand out their character worksheets to use those as a basis for their design choices


Independent Practice (50 minutes)

●  Go up in sections for your materials. You can take 2 googly eyes, 2 squares of felt, and moderate amounts of the other materials. Start small so that others still have something to use. You can always go back for more later.

●  Make your puppet!

●  If students finish early,

○  Have them check off their puppet with you.

○  They can then work with their partner to finish their dialogue.


Closure (10 minutes)

●  Everyone write your name on the back or inside of your puppet.

●  Everyone pick up 5 big pieces or 10 little pieces of something off of the floor and put it away or throw it in the garbage if it is trash.

●  With the remainder of class time, introduce Canvas Collaboration Groups – You and your partner will both have access to the Google Document which will allow you to both work on it at the same time.

Your homework is to write out your script before next class.
Need to submit your script in the Collaboration so that I can grade your dialogue. Your script needs to be at least 1 minute long.
Both of you need to be talking in first person throughout the script.
If one of you dies, it can’t happen until the end of the script.
Correct formatting for a line in a script looks like this:

  • Bob: blah blah blah.

  • George: blah blah blah

  • Bob: blah blah blah

  • George: blah blah blah