Creating Vocal Characters in Puppetry Unit, Lesson 7

Lesson 7


TH:Pr6.1.8.a. Perform a rehearsed drama/theatre work for an audience.
Standard 7–8.T.R.1: Describe and demonstrate audience skills of observing attentively and responding appropriately in classroom presentations, rehearsals, and live performance settings.


Enduring Understanding:

Performing gives me the chance to share what I have learned. Audience members should respect the performers.


Essential Question:

What does audience respect look like?


Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their ability to create a character using only their voice by utilizing the skills of tone, timbre, rate, pitch, projection, and diction in a puppet show performance.



Table for students to perform behind and a black tablecloth to hang over the table

Rubrics for students (find lesson supplement through the unit link on unit page)



● Have students get out their puppets. Have students use their puppet voices to go through the A, B, C’s with good diction. Remind them that since they are performing with their puppet voices, they should practice good diction for their puppet voice.


Performances & feedback

●  Have students remind you what they need to get a 4/4 in their audience etiquette score for today. (Responds appropriately, is respectful, etc)

●  Have students perform upstage behind a table. Have students sit on the apron so that they are still a decent distance from the performers.

●  In between performances, have students turn to the person next to them and discuss what the performers did well. “Where did you see them implementing the vocal qualities that we have learned about to help them create an interesting character? Could you hear and understand them?”



● Applaud the students and congratulate them! They can take their puppets home.