Study Guides: Day 2

Study Guides: Day 2



Students will demonstrate an understanding of dramaturgical study guides by creating and writing 3 study guide articles for their play.



TH:Cr3.1.III.b. Synthesize ideas from research, script analysis, and context to create a performance that is believable, authentic, and relevant in a drama/theatre work. 

TH:Cn11.2.III.b. Present and support an opinion about the social, cultural, and historical understandings of a drama/theatre work, based on critical research. 



Individual Devices for students (Laptops, iPads, etc.)

Study Guide Articles printed out






Print out different study guide pages for students to look at. Invite the students to look through them before taking a seat.

  • Have students pull out their manila folders with their work from last time.
  • “Today we are going to continue working on our study guides. You will finish up your research and drafts from last time, but now I would also like you to completely design and create your study guide. In the back I have provided paper and crayons so you can color and design your study guide. Keep in mind what kinds of things we saw in the examples and how you want to create your study guide to look.”
  • Give students the rest of the period to create their study guides. As students work, rove around the class and check in on the students and make sure they are staying on task.