Lobby Display: Day 2

Lobby Display: Day 2



Students will demonstrate an understanding of dramaturgical lobby displays by designing and creating a display for their chosen production and writing a paragraph explanation about their choices. 



TH:Re9.1.III.a. Research and synthesize cultural and historical information related to a drama/theatre work to support or evaluate artistic choices.

TH:Cn11.2.III.b. Present and support an opinion about the social, cultural, and historical understandings of a drama/theatre work, based on critical research. 



Intro to Dramaturgy Powerpoint






Access to the prop shop



Have the pictures of the Little Shop of Horrors lobby display up as class gets started.

  • “How did everyone’s brainstorm sessions go last time?”
  • “Lobby displays are a creative process, use today to get more ideas, but I want to see everyone’s display built by the last 10 minutes of class. We will then take a chance to go around and look at everyone’s.”
  • “Remember we have plenty of stuff here in the class that you can use for your displays. Get creative and have fun with it.”
  • Give students until the last 10 minutes of class to work. 
  • At the 10 minute mark, walk around with the class to look at everyone’s displays. Have the students observe what’s on them. 
  • After the walk through have students write a brief explanation of their lobby display design. What did they include and why? This explanation will be included in their casebooks. Encourage the students to take pictures of their displays before taking them down!!