Casebook Presentations

Casebook Presentations



Students will demonstrate an understanding of dramaturgy by presenting their casebooks and writing about their experience and thought process as a dramaturg.



TH:Cn11.2.III.b. Present and support an opinion about the social, cultural, and historical understandings of a drama/theatre work, based on critical research. 



Waitress Article

White board

Dry erase markers

Rubric–(to be found among other supplements on unit main page in link at the bottom)



Print out copies of the Waitress Article ( have students read the article. After reading, discuss how is dramaturgy being applied here? 

  • “Is everyone ready for their presentations today? When you come up you will bring up your manila folder casebook and share with us the contents of your casebook, sharing specific details on your glossary, study guides, lobby display, and actor’s workshop. What choices did you make and why do you think they would be helpful to an audience and actors?”
  • Have each student come up one by one to present their casebooks. 
  • Write dramaturgy on the board.
  • Have students come up to the board and write their thoughts about what Dramaturgy means, textbook definitions and personal definitions.
  • As a class read and take in what people wrote.
  • “Does anything on the board really resonate with you? Overall, do you think dramaturgy is a useful tool for a production? Did you enjoy the work of a dramaturg? Is this something you might be interested in pursuing?”
  • Share my own personal experience with Dramaturgy.
  • “The most important thing I wanted was for you to experience dramaturgy. It is an aspect theatre that is not often talked about, but I feel that it can add so much to a production. Now that you’ve had this chance to interact with it, I would like you to write a short reflection on your experience with this work. This will be the final addition to your casebook that I like to call, the Dramaturg’s Note. Write about your experience, how well you did on your projects, what you would change if you did it all over again. Make sure this reflection is at least 5 sentences long. This is your chance to be honest about your experience. Once you have finished your note, put it in your casebook and turn it in to me.”
  • Give students the rest of class to think, reflect, and write about their experience.