Introduction of Assignment


Students will better understand radio shows by listening to/analyzing a real one through discussion.  They will also be given new assignment details of a radio show project and will start writing the script. 


Materials needed

assignment sheet for radio show assignment, rubric  Day 4.Radio Show Assignment    Day 6.Radio Show Rubric



play ABC Game – play again projecting, play again enunciating, last time
playing a character


ABC game – one person starts a story beginning his sentence with the letter A. The next person continues the story beginning his sentence with the letter B and so on until all students have spoken, each starting their sentence with the next letter in the alphabet.



Ask students in what professions the voice is most important. Explain
that they are going to have the opportunity to write and present their own
radio shows!



play a few minutes of a radio show

Ask students what they notice about how different characters were
presented, if they could tell what characters were played by the same
person, how the sound effects were created, etc.?


Give Assignment
Pair students up
Hand out assignment sheet
Go over each step with the students
Begin work – set expectation of having the script written by the end of class.
(students will probably not get their scripts complete, but this will ensure
that they use this time focused on writing!)



discuss with partner where you are and what you need to accomplish
next class, make a list. Check their lists.