Lesson Objective:

Students will demonstrate successful rehearsing skills by completing a rehearsal bingo board.


Materials Needed:

stickers, bingo boards for each student (not included)



Place a bingo board and stickers on each student’s desk.


Activity 1 (55-69 min):

As you can see you are going to be playing a little rehearsal bingo. Go through and explain what each square means so that they understand. Tell them that they need to do each of these squares today in their rehearsal and submit it to me at the end of class with their names on it. This is meant to help focus your rehearsal time and make it much more efficient. You will be performing next class period so now is the time to get your pantomime polished.
As they rehearse make sure that you are going around, offering feedback, reminders, answering questions, and keeping everyone on task.



On the board write the order of the performances so that it is clear up front who is going when. Inform them that their performances may go over two days but they should all be ready to perform next time in case there is time.