Theatre/Stage Basics Part 2

Daily Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of stage directions and acting positions by participating in a variety of activities, as well as completing the check for understanding in their journals.


Materials Needed:

Stage Term Relay Race Papers.  Lesson 3.Stage Terms Relay Race



Have students grab their journals on the way out the door as they follow you to the auditorium.



Lead students on a tour of the stage. Have them take notes on the different stage terms.
– House
– Pit
– Apron
– Grand Drapes
– Teaser
– Proscenium Arch
– Leg
– Cyclorama
– Backstage/Offstage
– Onstage
– Baton
– Electric
– Traveler
– Wing



Move students back to the classroom.



Draw the different types of stages on the board and talk with students about the differences as you label them. Ask students if they have seen any plays on these different kinds of stages. Have students draw and label these in their notebooks.
– Proscenium Stage
– Thrust Stage
– Theatre in the Round/Arena Stage


Review Activity:

Set up two podiums. Divide the class into two different teams. Play a family feud style review game with the students (first one to buzz in gets to answer).



Move back to the auditorium and divide the class into eight different groups. The first person in each line has to do all of the items 1-10 before passing it on to the next person. As soon as everyone in your group has gone, you have to sit down. The first group that is finished, with everyone seated, wins!