Prompt book Due Final Written Test

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the basics of a stage manager’s duties by taking a written final and presenting their final prompt book.


Materials needed:

• Final written test  Lesson 5.Stage Management Final

Promptbook Evaluation Guide


Facets of Understanding:

• Explanation
• Interpretation
• Application
• Perspective
• Self-Knowledge


Enduring Understandings:

• A stage manager’s job is vast and requires dedication and knowledge
• It takes a team to put a show together


Essential Questions:

• How can I present my work in a way that shows organization as well as knowledge?
• What qualities have I learned about and practiced that can be applied to other areas of my life?


Hook: (5 minutes)

Play a test review game, if desired.


Step 1: Final

Have students take the written test (30 points), and then present their prompt books. The prompt book evaluation breakdown is as follows:
Contact Sheet: 20 points
Production Calendar: 20 points
Blocking Notation for two scenes: 20 points
One rehearsal Report: 20 points
Cues/Warnings/Stand-Bys clearly marked: 20 points