Picking a Song for your voice

Materials Needed:



Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of their own voice by choosing an appropriate song and partner for their performance.


Hook: Discussion/Instruction:

When students enter have them circle up and play the mimic growing game. Have them start with a sound like E, A, UH, Ah, Whoa, etc that is accompanied with a grounded movement and pass the sound around the circle and have it grow. Emphasize for them for really focus on how the sound /the placement of the sound in their mouth as they try to mimic and increase the dynamic of the sound. Tell them that if they feel any pain making the sound then they need to change the placement. Discuss with them what vowels did they discover and how did the different vowels feel in their mouth. How does this relate to singing?


Step 1: Transition/Instruction:

Have students bring up the sheet music from the two songs they have chosen and check off that they have brought it. If they have both, it is worth 30 points; only one song is worth 15 points and none is worth 0 points. Then ask them to find a partner that they want to perform their final duet with.


Step 2: Practice:

After they pick their partners instruct them to take time, choose what song they are going to perform. Then have them write down who their partner is and what song they are doing and why they chose that particular song? After they have chosen their song, instruct them to speak through their song with their partner, before they listen to it. Have them speak/read through the song out loud at least three times to feel the placement and sounds that are used in the song. Then have them listen to it and follow along with the sheet music so they can learn the notes and use some time at the end of the period to practice the notes and begin to memorize the song.


Step 3: Assessment-

Before class is over, make sure that students turn in a paper that lists who their partner is and what song that they are singing and why they chose that song?