Feedback Rehearsal

Materials Needed:



Educational Objective:

Students will apply the feedback given to them following their preview by exploring feedback and improving their duet.



Play a warm-up game with the students.


Step 1: Self-assessment:

Have students take out a piece of paper and write down what they felt their strongest moment in the preview was. Have them explain in writing why it was their best moment. Then have them write about something that they felt was weak in the preview. Then have them write down 1-3 ideas on how to improve that weak thing so that the final performance will be better.


Step 2: Discussion:

Lead a discussion with the students on what they want to improve on. Help them develop a specific plan to work on today in class.


Step 3: Feedback Report:

Give a few general notes to the entire class that could be improved in all duets. Then pass back the feedback to the individual students. Allow them to read through the notes given to them and talk with their duet partner on how to incorporate some of the notes in their rehearsal today.


Step 4: Rehearsal Practice:

Encourage students to dig into their duets and improve them. If the singing is solid, then students should move into acting the song better; if they have the basic acting set, then students should move into a deeper level of motivation and emotion, etc.


Step 5: Assessment:

Students will get out another piece of paper and write down 1. What they did during rehearsal time today and 2. How they felt their duet improved and 3. How many points they deserve for their work today (out of 15 points). Be sure students turn in their assessment paper.