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Design Sets Like The Pros

3. Investigating the Possibilities


The students will demonstrate effective research technique by compiling all pictorial research for their chosen scene.

Materials Needed

Pictures of rooms from different time periods, computer lab, library
Related Documents
Composite Design Websites
Research Info Worksheet
What to Look For Handout

Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Put pictures around the room that generate emotions from many different time periods. The students need to choose a picture and they need to ask questions about that picture. Let them know that this is one aspect of research.


Step 1: Discuss what kind of research is necessary for set design. (historical background, setting, furniture, set dressings, production needs, etc.)

Step 2: Ask the students where they can go to get the needed research. (Internet, magazines, books, recordings, paintings, photos, previous performances, etc.)

Step 3: Explain how to search for information on the internet. Hand out a list of possible websites where the students can get information and pictures of furniture.

Step 4: Hand out the “Research Information” handout and go to the library/computer lab so students may research their chosen scenes.


Step 5: Once the students have finished gathering research information and pictures, they need to fill out the “Research Information” handout. These should be turned in.

Author's Notes

While I had a document prepared with different interior pictures, it would not allow me to upload it. You will have to find your own interior pictures for the hook.