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Design Sets Like The Pros

9. Desired Design Board


The students will demonstrate their ability to compile all their design information by creating and presenting a design board.

Materials Needed

Poster or display boards (the students could bring their own or they could be supplied by the teacher), extra paint chips, extra fabric swatches, markers, crayons, scissors, rulers, colored pencils, glue sticks, extra scrapbook design papers

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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Put various colors of poster board on a table in the front of the class. As the students come in, have them choose a color that they would like for their design board. Set out mini examples of design boards for the students’ reference. Have them look over the samples and decide how they want to set up their own design boards. They can follow the samples or create their own ideas.


Step 1: The students will get into their partnerships and combine all the elements that have learned to create a design board. They should use paint chips, fabrics, patterns, picture research, set and set dressing list, specialty items, stage choice, set choice, floor plan, and rendering.

Step 2: The students will organize them in a way that best shows their designs to advantage. All the information must be organized and collaged onto a poster or project board. Remind them that presentation is everything and that they should try to make it look as nice and professional as possible.


Step 3: Present the design board to the class and explain all the reasons for the choices made.

Author's Notes

I did not make a final evaluation/rubric for the design board for this particular unit when I taught it. However, the teacher may want to create one for their own use based on criteria they have compiled with their students.