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Advanced Playwriting

8: Final Scripts


Students will show their ability to create dramatic texts by bringing a completed script to class and responding to the work of their peers.

Materials Needed

copies of the final script evaluation sheet - Play Script Evaluation

Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Divide the class up into groups of five students.


TRANSITION: Have the students take out their completed scripts. Each group will share their scripts with one another. The playwright will not read their own work, but will assign other members of the group to read selected roles.

STEP 1: Once each reading is done, the students can give verbal feedback to the writer about the strengths and weaknesses of their script. Focus on the following:

Dramatic Action
Conflict and Resolutions
Overall Feel and Effectiveness

By focusing the discussions in this manner, students who created non-traditional or anti-realist plays can still get specific feedback that will help them understand how effectively they have reached their goals.

STEP 2: Once all of the groups are done, gather class together to discuss the best moments in the scripts of the entire class. Which moments, lines, actions, or visuals had an impact on them? Each student should write down their comments to other playwrights to turn in with the scripts.

STEP 3: Gather scripts and feedback notes from students.


Students can be assessed on their final script and on providing feedback to other playwrights.

Author's Notes

At the conclusion of this unit, the instructor may want to do a performance unit based on the scripts. I have assigned directors and casts to a handful of the strongest scripts in class for a performance open to the public. Also, encourage students to submit their work to contests and theatre looking for new works, especially works by young playwrights. The Dramatists Sourcebook lists submission opportunities from around the country.