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Working As A Team/ Theatre Production Team

13: Other Members of the Team ~ the Managers of the Production, the House, and the Stage


Students will demonstrate understanding of a theatrical production manager, house manager, and stage manager as well as their responsibilities and will demonstrate their knowledge by answering questions and participating in learning activities.


Materials Needed

Chalk or dry erase marker

Chalkboard or whiteboard

Hat—to hold numbers

Numbers 1 and 2 written on strips of paper

Production Team Organization Chart.


Worksheets for the production manager, the house manager, and the stage manager

Reward for winning team and runner-ups (candy bars, blue ribbons, certificates, etc.)

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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Arrange the chairs into two equal semi-circles in front of the board. Label them “Group 1” and “Group 2.” Create a score card on the board (similar to the chart below). 

Make sure the students sit on the floor at the beginning of class.

TEAM A: (name)  TEAM A: (name) 



Step 1—Ask the students: 

Who thinks they are good at figuring things out?

Who is competitive?

Who likes to win?

Explain: Today we are going to play a game.

Step 2—Have each student take a number out of the hat. As students show you their numbers, have them sit in the chairs marked with their number.


Step 3—Explain the Rules of the Game.

  • No one can speak out of turn. If they do, their team loses a point.
  • The members of the teams will take turns. 
  • A question will be read to the first team. 
  • The first person on that team will answer the questions (if answered correctly, 2 points).
  • If that person cannot answer correctly, the question goes to the first person on the other team (if answered correctly that team gets 1 point and still gets the next question for their official team).

Step 4—Show the Production Team Organization Chart.

Ask: Who remembers this chart?

What is it?

What did we talked about in class on the first day of this unit? (production team, different names of the production team, what the different members do, etc.)

What do your remember about producer or production manager?

the house manager?

the stage manager?


Today’s game is going to include information that was presented that day as well as some things that we have learned since. Put on your thinking caps.

CLUE: Use deductive reasoning.


Step 5—Have fun playing the game.

Step 6—Praise and encourage the students throughout the game.

Step 7—A few minutes before the bell rings, declare the winning team. Give out rewards for a job well done.

Step 8—Distribute handouts (including a copy of the Quiz questions), homework and Portfolio Assignments. Explain the homework. Emphasize that these assignments need to be completed at home and put in their portfolios. Be sure to remind the students that they proved that they know the answers in the game today. If they need some help, they can collaborate with another student and/or search google.

CLOSURE: Remind students to write in their learning logs, then, excuse the students when the bell rings