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Stage Combat

Lesson 4: Rehearsal/Performance Day


Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to safely rehearse, perform, and write down a choreographed fight by performing their choreographed fight, turning a written notation of the fight and taking a quiz.


Materials Needed

Stage Combat quiz, Stage Combat Performance grading sheet


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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Begin with a class review of stage combat terms that are important to know. After the review, hand out the quizzes.




  • Do some basic muscle warm-ups as a class and then give some final run-through time to rehearse their choreographed fights. Remind students the requirements for the fight. It may help to write the requirements on the board.


Give proper rehearsal time for the fights.


Begin the fight performances and make sure each pair turns in their written fight to you and briefly review the written fight before they begin their performance. (Grade each fight according to attached grading sheet.)