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Writing A Short Play

Peer Reviewing


Peer Reviewing


Students will demonstrate their understanding of peer reviewing by reviewing a classmate’s short play.


“Arsenic and Old Lace” script cutting Lesson 6.Arsenic and Old Lace Cutting


Pass out the “Arsenic and Old Lace” script cutting but don’t tell anyone that they are from a famous play. Some students may recognize the play but others may not.


Tell the students to read through the script and ‘peer review’ it. Within the script, they must make at least three notes and at the end of the script, they need to write two things that they like about it and one thing that they would improve/change about it. Give them time to do so.


Reveal to the students that this is ‘Arsenic and Old Lace” by Joseph Kesselring, a very famous play and playwright. Discuss that this play is super famous but you were all able to still find things to change/improve about it. It is ALL up to the playwright whether or not they want to take the edits and reviews into consideration.


Students will now switch their rough drafts with another student. Write these instructions on the board but explain that they need to write their name at the top of the scripts so we know who edited it. Then explain that they need to find 10 edits to make within the script and then at the end, they must write out three things that they liked about the script and two things that they would improve/change about it. Tell them that they will be getting a grade for completing this peer review. 


After a suitable time for peer review, have the students get back with the student that they switched with and discuss. They should explain why they made the edits, what changes they would personally make but most importantly, explain what you loved about the script.


Remind the students that they are to take their rough draft home with them so they can make the edits if they choose to do so. But make sure that their editor’s name is on it. They need to bring this rough draft/edited script to class tomorrow along with their FINAL DRAFT.