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Ancient Greek Theatre

Lesson 2 Ancient Greek Theatre

Lesson Objective:

Students will demonstrate and understanding of Greek theatre by taking notes and drawing a diagram for amphitheaters.


white board, markers, poster board (8), speakers, projector, ipod, Greek Theatre powerpoint Lesson 2.Greek Theatre PowerPoint

Hook (5-8 min):

Explain to everyone that they are to once again write on the board what we think of when we hear/see Greek theatre but this time they need to make sure and add what we talked about last time in class. That is specifically what I will be looking for. Let the students come to the board and write. Go through the new things from last class period as a review.

Activity 1 (30-35 min):

Present the PowerPoint presentation making sure the class is taking notes as the information with be tested. After each slide make sure and ask if there are questions.

Activity 2 (15-20 min):

Divide the class into 5 groups (about 6 in each group). Hand each group some paper and instruct them that they need to make a drawing of an amphitheater with the following words labeled:
- Orchestra
- Thymele
- Theatron
- Skene
- Paraskenia
- Proscenion

Conclusion (5 min):

Remind the students that they need to bring their textbooks to class on Wednesday as well as encourage them to review their notes before class to make sure they are keeping on top of the material. Answer any questions they may have.