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Ancient Greek Theatre

Lesson 5 Ancient Greek Theatre

Lesson Objective:

Students will display understanding of Greek theatre by finding and choosing a scene from Medea to perform in class as well as taking a Quiz.

Materials Needed:

Classroom set of Medea, Quiz Lesson 5.Ancient Greek Theatre Quiz Lesson 5.Ancient Greek Theatre Quiz.Answer Key, White Board and Markers

Hook (5-6 min):

On the word write “Today is the quiz, you have 5 min., study!” Be available to answer questions on format or clarification on content.

Activity 1 (20-25 min):

Have the students put away all of their notes, notebooks, etc. And pass out Medea script. Ask that they flip their test over when they are done. Pass out the quiz and roam to make sure there is not cheating and monitor the test taking. When everyone is finished inform them that they are going to grade their own test. You are counting on them to be honest and honorable because if they cheat it will not help them in the long run. Go through each question stating the answers so that they are hearing it as well as seeing it. Provide any clarification they may need based on the moans and protestations. Collect the tests.

Activity 2 (40 min):

Inform the class that they will be doing a scene from Medea. On the board write the performance dates, 4-6 min, groups of 3-5, memorized, basic acting, and costuming. Clarify that by acting you mean they are not just standing reciting text but actually trying to evoke emotion and feeling, but they will not be graded on “good” vs. “poor” acting. Costumes just need to show that you thoughtfully planned what you were wearing versus putting on what was most clean off the floor. Instruct them that they can choose their own groups and what scene they would like. Because this play is public domain they may also cut however they want.
Guided Practice: Now give them time to get in their groups, figure out what scene they want to do, how they want to cut it, etc. Make sure and check in with each group that they are on task and making progress.