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Ancient Greek Theatre

Lesson 6 Ancient Greek Theatre

Lesson Objective:

Students will deep application of Greek theatre knowledge by preparing scene for performing.

Hook (2 min):

Tell the students to pull out a scratch piece of paper. They are going to have 1 min to write as much as they can about Greek THEATRE! Specifically theatre so think about things like costumes, props, staging, acting, environment, etc. And…go.

Discussion (5-8 min):

Let’s share what we put down, if you are missing something make sure and jot it down. Write these on the board as they share. Try and make sure they have the following on their list.
- Togas
- Carts
- Masks
- Double Cast
- All Male Actors
- Chorus
- Orchestra Space
- Skene
- Amphitheatre Seating
- Outdoor
- Thymele
- Sprinkling of blood
- Cost
- All Male Audience

Instruction (2-3 min):

An added part of your scene assignment is you need to somehow incorporate one of these elements into your scene. They will need to tell you what Greek element they will be using in their scene. For example they can perform outside if they would like, etc. They might need to modify but they want to make sure it is uniquely Greek.
On the board write the two dates for performance and the number of scenes you have time to see those days. Then ask them to sign up for a day and an order.
After they have all signed up make sure that they understand that this is the day they are performing no matter what, sick or not. If you are sick you need to ask another group from the next day to switch with you or come sick.

Guided Practice (50 min):

Allow the students to meet and discuss what Greek theatre element they want to use. As they have come to a decision have them report to you and get any feedback. Then allow them to start rehearsing. Work to help them when you see that they need it.