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Bunraku Puppetry Movement

Devising Puppet Scenes

Lesson 5:

Devising Puppet Scenes


Students will be able to devise puppet scene by working in groups to create a plot line and rehearse.


Charade Papers

Alvin Sputnik Deep Sea Explorer cliphttps://

Story Structure Labels

  1. Exposition
  2. Incidting Incident
  3. Rising Action
  4. Crisis
  5. Climax
  6. Falling Action


White Board and Markers.

Bunraku Puppetry Final Rubric 

Intro Puppet Clip

  1. Alvin Sputnik Deep Sea Explorer clip
  2. Ask students to notice the puppetry principles in the clip and discuss what they liked or didn’t like.


Warm Up Guess My Activity

  1. As students enter the class direct them to sit with their puppet team.
  2. Mix up the charades and hand on to each puppet team.
  3. Swimmer
  4. Jumping Hurdles
  5. Yoga
  6. Bungee Jumping
  7. They will each have 2 minute to plan out and practice how they will move to communicate their activity.
  8. The activity should last 30 seconds long. Should show a clear pre, activity and wrap up.
  9. For Example: You would put on your bungee cord and maybe attempt to jump a few times. Then they would actually jump and and bounce several times. Then at the end they would take off the bungee cord and kiss the ground.
  10. Performers should use breath or vocalizations but not words while performing.
  11. The audience will each take out their journals and put down a number for each performance. At the end of each performance they will write down what they think the activity was. The performers will reveal their activity. Any correct answers will receive a point and we’ll see who gets the most points.


Activity Journal

  1. Ask students to identify what communicated well in performances and what made the communication difficult between performers and audience?
  2. Give them a couple minutes to write in their journal.
  3. Ask a few people to share what they wrote.
  4. Ask students to write in their journals to reflect on their own experience as a performer.
  5. If you had a confusing scene imagine how you could revise them.


Assignment Puppet Scenes

  1. Write the criteria for the puppet scenes on the board.
  2. Each Scene must have
  3. Dramatic Question – must be answered by the scene. It can be the same or different for each character.
  4. Three Crises or Obstacle before the climax
  5. Four distinct emotions performed during the scene.
  6. One Highlighted Movement. Ex. swimming, back flip, flying, dancing, hurdles, yoga.
  1. Review Story Structure

Draw story structure map on board and give puppet teams plot pieces.

Have students put them up on the map. Check it.

  1. Exposition
  2. Inciting Incident
  3. Rising Action
  4. Crisis
  5. Climax
  6. Falling Action
  7. Resolution/Denouement
  8. Give students the rest of the time to create and practice their stories.



  1. Review grading rubric and class schedule for the rest of the unit.