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Bunraku Puppetry Movement





Students will demonstrate an understanding of appropriate and useful feedback by responding to student previews of Puppet Scenes.


Warm Up Rehearsal

  1. Give students 5 minutes for warm up.
  2. To warm up your body try …
  3. Back to Back Breathing
  4. Flocking
  5. Brain Dance
  6. Take 10-15 minutes to rehearse your scene and be ready to perform.
  7. check your sight lines
  8. check your pacing


Activity Preview

  1. Grading Rubric
  2. each puppet team is responsible for filling out a grading rubric for one other team. Each puppet team will hand in 1 Rubric.
  3. Assign the grading teams. Write it on the board to keep everything clear.
  4. Feedback Format
  5. After the preview each puppet team will participate in a feedback session. This is to give the performing group an opportunity to understand what the audience saw. The purpose isn’t to share opinions but to share what was

actually seen.

  1. observations Things that you saw happening in the story. Ex. There was a person robbing a bank and they sneezed.
  2. warm fuzzies Things you enjoyed about the performance. Ex. I like the way all the puppeteers were breathing together or how I liked this part of movement because it look real.

iii. questions Ask questions about the scene. Ex. Why were they fighting? What happened in the end?

  1. The performing group will not answer or respond during feedback. They will just write down anything they want to address and you will answer the questions with your next performance. You only have to focus on the things you want to.



Thank students for their work and remind them that next class they will be rehearsing and improving their scenes based on the feedback they got today.