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Bunraku Puppetry Movement

Rehearsal Bingo

Lesson 7:

Rehearsal Bingo


Students will be able to improve their scenes by using a rehearsal bingo to work on the feedback they received from previews.


Drama Journals

Bunraku Puppets

Warm Up

  1. Have students pull out their drama journals and have them sit in their puppet scene groups.
  2. They should go through the feedback that they wrote down from their previews. As a group they must decide on at least three things they want to work on today from their feedback.


Activity: Rehearsal Bingo

  1. Write out a table that is 3 x 3. Have students copy the table into their journals.
  2. Inside the boxes will be 9 tasks the students must complete.
  3. Improve Feedback Item 1
  4. Improve Feedback Item 2
  5. Improve Feedback Item 3
  6. Time Run – students will time and ensure their performance is between 3-4 minutes.
  7. Flocking/Breathing Back to Back – students will practice unifying their breath through previous activities.
  8. Story Map – students will physically write down a map showing the structure of their scene.
  9. Perfect Run
  10. Show Teacher
  11. Show & Tell – students must show and watch another group will providing feedback.
  12. Students should finish each task and sign off on it before the end of class.
  13. Give the students the class to rehearse.
  14. Give them time reminders to help them get through all the tasks.


Remind students that they will have 15 minutes at the beginning of class next time to warm up before their performances.