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Analyzing an Improv Show (online)

Lesson 6 - Analyzing an Improv show (online)

Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of the more basics of improvisation by responding to a reading and reflecting on an awareness activity.

Essential Questions

  • Why is it important to analyze performances? 
  • How can you learn about improvisation by watching it?



*Note: This lesson was originally created as an online lesson. It can be adjusted and expanded to be taught in-person. The assignment was posted on Canvas.

Watching Improv Assignment

You need to watch an improvised show and evaluate where you see them using the elements of improv we have learned. 

Here is the best option for watching an improv show for free online: 'Show-Offs' on BYUtv. You don't even need an account! You can just get on and start watching. You can also watch other improv shows if you desire.

Here is a link to Show-Offs:

You need to watch a full episode and write at a 200-300 word response

Questions to consider: How did the characters establish a specific situation? How is conflict being used and furthered? Where did you see moments of 'Yes, And?' Were the performers listening to each other? Where did you see connections to our own improv games/lessons?