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Silent Film Acting Movement Unit

Lesson 5: Filming Techniques

Education Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the language of film through discussion, as well as the notes they take throughout the lesson.

Materials Needed:

- Language of Film Powerpoint, including film clips showing the various filming techniques

Silent Film Project Info Sheet


Have the journal prompt written on the board when the students enter the classroom. Have them take five minutes to answer the prompt, then conduct a discussion on what they wrote.

Journal Entry:

“The great thing about literature is that you can imagine, the great thing about film is that you can’t” — James Monaco
What does this mean? Do you agree with this statement?


Explain to students that there is a language to film, that the way movies are shot can say some-thing. Ask if anyone has an example or has ever seen this? Have students keep their journals out and explain that they are going to take notes on the different film techniques, focusing par-ticularly on what each shot says to the viewer. They will sit with their groups and also take notes on ideas they have for their own films.


Go through the powerpoint, show all of the different examples. Talk about the effects of each on the viewer. Allow students to watch the different clips. Ask for other examples they can think of.

Allow time for students to take notes on each.

(all film technique definitions were found from this website: ) I just found pictures for each on the internet.


Students will be assessed on their participation in discussion, and on the notes (particularly the ideas for their films) that they took during the lesson.