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Silent Film Acting Movement Unit

Lesson 6: Storyboarding and Film Work Day

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of stage pictures and film techniques completing a storyboard as a group. Students will also demonstrate their under-standing of their individual film roles as they complete worksheets.

Materials Needed:

- Blank storyboards for each group - Storyboard Worksheet
- Storyboard example - Storyboard Example


When students enter, have the storyboard example displayed on the overhead.
Ask students if they know what a storyboard is. Walk through the example with them. Explain that film makers use storyboards to help plan the making of the movie. A storyboard is a shot-by-shot list, drawn out, showing the different camera angles and images that will be used in the film. It helps directors know what they need to film and what order it needs to be filmed in.


Explain that each group will need to create a storyboard for their film. Pass out the blank story-board sheets and have students begin working on them.


Answer any questions that they have. Walk around periodically to make sure that the students understand what they need to be doing. Explain that this will be due by the end of class today. Try to help students budget their time with this assignment.


Students will be assessed on their completion of their storyboards. They have to draw a picture of what the shot will look like, as well as labeling what kind of shot it is. This assesses their un-derstanding of the tableau lesson and the film techniques they learned last time.