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Silent Film Acting Movement Unit

Lesson 8: Practice Day

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of nonverbal communi-cation, film techniques, and ensemble as they work together to create and rehearse their films.

Materials Needed:

- The papers that students turned in last class
- Rubrics for the assignment - Silent Film Rubric


Play a short, quick, warmup game to get students’ energy up.


Pass out the rubrics to students (explain that they will turn these back in today, because it is what you will use to grade them).
Go over each of the items on the rubric, explaining how they will be graded.


Have students get into their groups. Pass back their assignments they turned in last time. Have students go over their ideas with the groups and present. Have them talk about everything they need, who is bringing what, etc. so that they are ready for filming.


Remind students of the things they need to bring next class:
- camera
- props
- costumes
- title cards (if they need them)
Talk about what happens if someone is absent on filming day.
Talk again about how students can turn in this assignment (youtube, DVD, flash drive, etc.)


With the time that is left, allow them to rehearse in the classroom. Whatever would be most helpful to them, whether that is talking it out or putting it into their bodies and actually practicing the different scenes.

**It is possible that the students could need two days for rehearsing in order to allow the film day to run a little more smoothly.