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Silent Film Acting Movement Unit

Lesson 9: Film Day

Educational Objective:

Students will use their time in class to work on filming their projects.

Materials Needed:

- A back up camera in case someone forgot theirs.


Go over the rules for film day:
- They need to be back in the classroom by a certain time (have them set alarms in their phones)
- If you receive any complaints from faculty or administration about a group, that group will re-ceive a zero on their project.

Have students write down their film title, their names, and the different locations where they will be shooting on the board so that you can walk around and keep track of them during the period.

Have students walk through their storyboards once before you allow them to go to work.
Clean up and remind students that their FINAL products are due next class.


Students will be assessed by how well they work and by how much they get done with their film.
** Allowing students two days to film will ensure that they aren’t rushed, that they are of a higher quality, and that students will have enough time to include everything necessary. (I learned that the hard way).