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Silent Film Acting Movement Unit

Lesson 10: Movie Watching Day!

Education Objective:

Students will demonstrate their summative knowledge of movement and nonverbal communication by presenting their completed films and by completing a reflection on their group and themselves.

Materials Needed:

- DVD/VHS Player
- Computer with USB drive
- Internet Access
- Teacher Grading Rubric (one for each group)
- Group & Self Grading Rubric (one for each student) Lesson 10.Group Evaluation Sheet
- Popcorn!


Establish a performance order.


Allow students to kick back, get out some snacks and enjoy.


Show and grade all films. After all films have been shown students should grade their group members and themselves using the rubrics that were given to them earlier.

With any time left:

Give students a hand! They are done! Play an acting game! They deserve it!


Students will be assessed on their final film based on the guidelines given and the detailed rubric. Students will also be assessed on their completion of their reflections on their personal rubrics.