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Foundations Of Acting/ Scenework

Lesson 7.Final Performances


Students will show their ability to apply acting foundations to their performance by presenting their final scenes to the class.


Students can be assessed following the rubrics for their character journals, scored scripts, and final performance.


rubrics for journals, scripts, and performance: Lesson 7.Final performance scoring rubric

  • Step One—Hook

Lead the class in some warm-ups. Encourage them to feel confident, creative, and comfortable. Ask them to tell you what the basic expectations are for their performance today. As a class, walk through the different qualities and skills that the unit has taught about performance.

  • Step Two—

The students should perform their scenes for the rest of the class. The scenes can either be performed in narrative order or by volunteer basis.

  • Step Three—Closure

Collect the character journals and scored scripts from all of the students. Celebrate their achievement as a class by positive feedback and playing some of their favorite drama games.