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Script Analysis And Scene Work

Objectives/ Tactics

Lesson 3: Objectives/ Tactics


Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to act with objectives and tactics by practicing objectives and tactics in their script.


Materials: grading rubrics Lesson 3.Scene Assignment Sheet & Rubric, copies of the scene given circumstances worksheet Lesson 3.Scene Given Circumstances Worksheet, copies of the scripts available, contentless scene.


Preparation: Print the things.


Starter: Write on the board, “What are things Sandra Bullock does to achieve her objective in this clip?” (clip not included)

Allow students to answer out loud. Make sure they state what they think her objective is, as well as answer the starter question. Make sure that they are phrasing objectives as changes in psychological wants or desires, not just I wanted to cross the hall.

**Explain that today we are going to get our scenes for the final assessment. Have everyone quickly write on a piece of paper

  1. Who they would like to work with
  2. Anyone they would prefer not to work with.

Then have students fold their papers and pass them down the row. As students are doing the next activity, assign their groups.


Practice 1: Project the following content-less scene. Have the students get with the person to their right and put together the entire beat with objectives and tactics. Have them practice the script, then perform for a neighboring group. While they are doing this put the students into performance groups from which they can then choose a partner/scene.

A: Hello.
B: Hello.
A: I didn't expect to find you here.
B: You did though. I might say the same for you.
A: Are you going to be busy between now and dinner?
B: Not really. Not busy.
A: Would you like to talk for a while?
B: I might. For a while.
A: Good.
B: Good.

Instruction 2: Assignment Sheet/ Hand out Scripts

Step 1: Hand out the assignment sheet and rubric below, as well as the given circumstance sheet. Make sure to explain that students can complete this assignment exclusively in class if they use time wisely. Also explain that each day from here on out will be instruction, then workshopping until we get to the Preview day. Go through requirements and ask for questions.

Step 2: Project the scenes available. (not included) Explain that students’ groups were chosen randomly for the most part. Allow partners to choose their scenes.



Explain to the students that they have the rest of class to work on three things:

  1. Script analysis.
  2. Finding beats in your script.
  3. Practicing objectives and tactics in their scene.


Conclusion: Remind the students that their script analysis is due next time!