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Script Analysis And Scene Work


Lesson 5: Vocality


Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to use effective voice by making vocal annotations and passing off their memorization.


Materials: None.


Preparation: None.

Starter: Write on the board, “What is unique about how your character uses their voice?”

Allow students to answer. Ask for volunteers!


Activity 1: Acting someone else’s words!

Step 1: Have the students all annotate the following on a small piece of paper:

“You won’t let you hair down even for a minute”

Love, hate, anger, annoyance, disgust, sympathy

The only rule is that you cannot write down the emotion you are trying to portray in your annotation.

Step 2: Now, have the students switch their annotated line with someone else’s. On three, we are all going to try to say it at the same time.

Step 3: Switch again!


  • Was this easy or hard? Why?
  • What annotations were best for you to understand? Why?



Make sure your annotations are thorough, and give a clear outline for how your character should be talking. I will be looking for detail.


Activity 2: Rehearsal/Memorization Check off

I’ll be going around the room checking off memorization today. You’ll need to bring your script with you when you get checked off.

The rest of the time is yours to rehearse. During your rehearsal, I expect each of you to begin writing down some vocal annotations into your script if you have not. Before you leave, you will need to show me your script to show that you have started on some vocal annotations. This is part of your participation points for today.


Conclusion: In the last five minutes have all the students pass off their vocal annotations with you.