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Theatre Of The Oppressed

Perspective Taking

Lesson 8 - (online) Perspective Taking

Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of the importance of others’ perspectives by analyzing another’s thoughts and feelings about oppression.

Essential Questions

  • Why is it important to listen and understand others’ perspectives?
  • How do our experiences affect our perception of the world?


  • Interview Questions

Interview Assignment

Post the instructions below to the online learning platform that you are using (this can be adapted into a homework assignment if you are not doing online classes)

  • There are two parts to this assignment: For this assignment, you will be interviewing a family member or friend about their thoughts and feelings around oppression. Choose someone that would have an understanding of what oppression is. Get their permission to write down and share their responses. Write down a summary of their responses and submit them. (Or turn them in a physical copy of the responses)
    • What is oppression?
    • What feelings do you have about oppression? Why do you feel/think that way?
    • Do you have experience with oppression?
    • What should be done about oppression?
  • Part 2: Analysis of the responses. Answer the following questions and submit them. These responses should be thoughtful and use complete sentences. (Total of 200-300 words)
    • What surprised you about their responses?
    • Why do you think they felt/thought oppression the way they did?
    • What are similarities and differences between your thoughts about oppression?
    • How has your understanding of oppression grown after hearing about someone else’s perspective?
    • Is there anything else you discovered or would like to share?